Socialism promotes an attitude of entitlement in people who think society, and other people, owe them a living. People who add little or no value to the world, yet consider themselves entitled to get a whole lot back. People who resent the success of others, make no contribution to it, yet expect to benefit from it. The victims, takers, spongers and leeches of society.

Apart from which it simply doesn’t work. Economically it’s disastrous. You don’t have to look far for the evidence. Just a quick glance at the economic cycle over the last fifty years in the UK reveals the unquestionable cause and effect relationship between socialist policies and dire economic contraction.

Socialism breeds an entitlement attitude born of a debilitating belief system. It perpetuates victim hood. It nurtures the “them and us” attitude you hear in the language of socialists who abrogate personal responsibility for the conditions and circumstances of their lives.

It’s rife with hypocrisy. Socialism purports to be about “fairness”, yet its entire premise is built on penalising those who do take responsibility and make something of their lives. Taxing the successful to the hilt doesn’t empower the unsuccessful to be, do and achieve more, it accomplishes the very opposite.

So rather than drive the economic growth to generate jobs and bring more affluence to every level of society, creating a truly “fair” society for those who take personal responsibility and are willing to put their backs into improving the conditions and circumstances of their lives, it deepens the very divide it claims to diminish.

Socialism is more than just a political philosophy. It’s a deeply damaging belief system that perpetuates poverty and under achievement. It’s the cause of the very effect it claims it wants to change.



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